Yellow Balloons, Meta and Things beyond

  Meta is one of those things that remind me every day that I made the right decision when I walked away from the path decided for me and chose EJP at josephs .It's like a favourite book, or a favourite food that I’ll always always return to no matter what. It wasn’t instant love … Continue reading Yellow Balloons, Meta and Things beyond



“I wish I had another pair of hands”, mamma says as she stirs her coffee mug with one hand, and irons her uniform with the other. She has always been a multi-tasker, reading while cooking, writing while watching a movie, doing laundry, while speaking on the phone, the list is endless- like goddess Durga, a … Continue reading unOrdinary


Ursus Arctos. The supposed villain in the story of three friends who went to the forest where one ran away, the second climbed up a tree and the third pretended to be dead. The first ever story I heard in Dalhousie was that of a cantonment guard who could’ve been killed but was spared with … Continue reading Bear-o-phobia

The last breath

This may not be suitable for all audiences. Content Warning – Death of a dear one, denial. Death is a weird weird thing.  Just when you are least expecting it, a friend, a parent, grandparent, a friend’s parent, pet or relative, gone. As a child, there was nothing scarier than death. No I wasn’t scared … Continue reading The last breath

Tra la la la.. crash!

I trip on absolutely nothing and fall face first onto pavements, I walk into non-existent poles and get bitten by invisible insects. Secretly, I am a clumsy 70 year old gra’mma. Umhm u read that right. Mamma says I was a comparatively healthy kid and by healthy, she means “Thank God I can fix it … Continue reading Tra la la la.. crash!


Haircuts were like wanting to touch your nose with your tongue; impermissible, unless you were a giraffe. “Hair is beauty, hair is gift and hair is a treasure that has to be nursed and nurtured like a li’l baby”- this resonated within the walls of my house to a point where I realised even the … Continue reading Tresse-meh

Through Himalayan Roads, Onward to Dalhousie

Navigating through the pine clad valleys, the lush green meadows and the magnificent misty mountains; one reaches the picturesque town of Dalhousie, carefully tucked away in the lap of the Himalayas. Set at the foothills of the Dhaula Dhar ranges, Dalhousie may be alluring, but the roads that lead to it, are like the naughty … Continue reading Through Himalayan Roads, Onward to Dalhousie