Since when did dams become fascinating?Bhoothathankettu, the story!

I spent a good amount of my summer breaks eating Velyaunty’s pidi (rice dumpling)and kozhi (chicken) curry, roasting stolen cashews at her firewood stove, munching on delicious kozhalappam’s and murukk, throwing pebbles into a deep pond near their house, the constant “I think I saw a snake there” or “don’t lean too much on that … Continue reading Since when did dams become fascinating?Bhoothathankettu, the story!



March 1993. Bombay was in the middle of a blood bath. Ever since the demolition of Babri Masjid in Ayodhya, on December 6th 1992, there were riots everywhere. Mobs pelting stones, burning vehicles and looting houses. Mamma was 26, working in Bandra Holy Family Hospital at the time. She, like many other women of her … Continue reading Mom.1993.Bombay

Fruitlove and fruitbowls

Amma is a genius. All the overripe plantains lying around unheeded on the table became “Pazham pori” (South Indian Snack), apples and strawberries became milkshakes and bananas cut into thin slices became what amma said was the ‘sacramental host’ or the ‘alter bread’, and we believed her until we actually got a chance to eat … Continue reading Fruitlove and fruitbowls

Train Diaries

Waiting for Plop “I WILL FALL IN THE HOLE WHEN THE TRAIN MOVES, I CAN’T POO POO MAMMA”, screamed my little boy cousin and ran down the passageway of Kerala Express. My bewildered aunt was close behind. Catching hold, she desperately tried convincing him. “I’ll hold you mone. You won’t fall in. It’s been two … Continue reading Train Diaries

Knock ,whack, thwack and more

Looking at him, I could feel the envy rising within me, "Lucky lad!" I was standing on the maple wood floor of our church, singing in a language I didn’t understand- Syriac, when the stifled clink of a coin hitting the floor reached my ears. Looking in the direction of the sound, I saw a … Continue reading Knock ,whack, thwack and more

My skirt, cinema and other things

  “I saw My dear Kuttichathan with your pappa for our honeymoon and even now that kuttichathan kinda life is going on, crazy hocus pocus”,says Amma. “Kuttichaathano? Eppo? I remember going for Titanic. Enth true love? It is based on true events. That’s why we watched it”, papa says. Once hitched, they went for Passion … Continue reading My skirt, cinema and other things

Have you been to my hometown?

After all the, "I was born here, brought up there, went to school somewhere and lived longest elsewhere"...this is the closest I have come to experiencing what it feels like to describe home. Gra’mma, well past her 60s, tells me stories that are not written down anywhere. Stories that my parents no longer remember. Long … Continue reading Have you been to my hometown?