Grandma’s Reel Reminiscence

I am miles away from gran’ma. Away in a city, she’s never been to, a city she fears might change me. “You can always call me Angu. Don’t mind the distance okay?”, she had reminded me. She calls me every week, sometimes twice a week asking about my health, food, college and holidays, and she … Continue reading Grandma’s Reel Reminiscence


My skirt, cinema and other things

  “I saw My dear Kuttichathan with your pappa for our honeymoon and even now that kuttichathan kinda life is going on, crazy hocus pocus”,says Amma. “Kuttichaathano? Eppo? I remember going for Titanic. Enth true love? It is based on true events. That’s why we watched it”, papa says. Once hitched, they went for Passion … Continue reading My skirt, cinema and other things