Grandma’s Reel Reminiscence

I am miles away from gran’ma. Away in a city, she’s never been to, a city she fears might change me. “You can always call me Angu. Don’t mind the distance okay?”, she had reminded me. She calls me every week, sometimes twice a week asking about my health, food, college and holidays, and she … Continue reading Grandma’s Reel Reminiscence


Train Diaries

Waiting for Plop “I WILL FALL IN THE HOLE WHEN THE TRAIN MOVES, I CAN’T POO POO MAMMA”, screamed my little boy cousin and ran down the passageway of Kerala Express. My bewildered aunt was close behind. Catching hold, she desperately tried convincing him. “I’ll hold you mone. You won’t fall in. It’s been two … Continue reading Train Diaries